Acro Yoga for Couples

Acro Yoga for Couples |

A healthy alternative to couples therapy.

In many ways, acro yoga is a metaphor for how a successful relationship functions.

Trust, communication and awareness of each other’s needs are essential components, and when these components are lacking, the relationship can come crashing down.

But in acro yoga, it comes physically crashing down. Onto the floor.

Acro yoga is a partner-based yoga practice that combines yoga and rudimentary acrobatics, where one partner functions as a “base” and the other as a “flyer.”

Acro yoga poses can range from beginner to advanced and typically involve one partner (the base) providing support for the other partner (the flyer) who must maintain balance and flexibility as the pair enters into the pose.

Poses include anything from seated partner breathing to flying bow pose, where the base partner lies on their back, legs extended into the air, while the flyer bends backwards across the bases’ feet, and while elevated from the ground, reaches around to grab their ankles.

Acro yoga practitioners must rely on verbal and non-verbal communication, eye contact, and a general awareness of their partner’s body and mind in order to achieve synchrony.

Through this practice, acro yoga duos can experience enhanced endorphins, oxytocins, and other feel-good hormones that foster a romantic connection and cultivate mental and physical connectivity between partners.

Whether a friend or a lover, the bond you share with your partner will deepen and intensify in unexpected ways. By allowing yourself to explore yoga through this lens, you will gain a new appreciation for what true harmony looks and feels like.