Bare Boned Benefits

Bare Boned Benefits | Toe Talk Mindful

Improved posture. Enhanced flexibility. Relieved back pain.

The benefits of regular Pilates work can go on.

One Pilates pro rarely mentioned in the conversation is strengthened bones – until now.

Incorporating Movement founder and recognized osteoporosis expert Rebekah Rotstein used her expertise in bone health to design a unique approach to exercise that combines formal anatomy and movement training with education in classical Pilates, osteoporosis management, injury prevention and post-rehabilitation.

The result was Pilates for Buff Bones®, a medically endorsed workout that combines Pilates, functional movement, strength training and therapeutic exercise with bone-strengthening and balance techniques to optimize the health and safety of your bones.

Rotstein’s concept is a total system of bone and join health because it follows a research-supported design of specifically sequenced exercises, making it more than just a regular workout.

Safe for individuals with osteoporosis, Buff Bones aims to tone arms, hips, back and abs while improving posture.

While Rebekah teaches courses solely in New York City, Buff Bones is currently offered at gyms throughout the U.S. and in 15 other countries.

While the program is physically nourishing, it also presents an opportunity for trainers to grow their business, as well.

Buff Bones is now offering training courses for individuals interested in becoming licensed trainers.

  • A new system of bone and joint health
  • Anatomy, biomechanics, special populations
  • Advanced teaching and presenting skills
  • Business and marketing support
  • Access to the osteoporosis and arthritis market
  • 17 PMA CECs

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