Detox and Retox

Detox and Retox |

Drink to your health.

It may seem like an unlikely union, but “yoga and beer” have become the new it-couple.

For the hesitant yoga-goer in your life (your boyfriend or girlfriend, your mom or dad—we all know one), this may just be the perfect incentive that awakens an unrealized interest.

With breweries around the nation offering yoga classes followed by a complimentary pint, the “detox/retox” trend has quickly amassed widespread enthusiasm.

Rogue Brewery, Hellbender Brewing Company and Terrapin Beer Company are just a few of the many breweries that currently host yoga classes right inside their distilleries. Delaware brewer Dogfish Head has even introduced a yoga-inspired beer called Namaste, a Belgian white with dried orange and fresh lemongrass.

These classes offer yogis the opportunity to diversify their practice —and of course, reward themselves with a cold pint.

Part of living well means enjoying things in moderation, and people who are healthy and active tend to observe this principle.

On these grounds, it seems obvious that beer and yoga would make such an appealing combination.

And while beer isn’t exactly the equivalent of a sports drink, it can help replenish some of the nutrients that your body excretes during physical activity.

So for yogis who are interested in a double dose of relaxation and enjoyment, skip the studio this week and opt for a local brewery instead.