Hot Barre

Toe Talk

Raising the barre.

You can’t imagine your life without the mindfulness of yoga. And you rely on your Pilates practice to keep you toned and maintain your strong core.

But if you’re looking to up the intensity and add a kick of heat to your routine, look no further than hot barre, the latest fitness trend that’s perfect for fitness-focused yogis.

Hot barre is an invigorating blend of hot yoga with ballet, Pilates, weight training and interval training. Typically held in a room heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, the workout is centered on the barre, which is there to provide stability, ease balance and improve posture as you target the core, glutes, arms and legs in this sweaty, fast-paced workout.

The instructor first leads the class through a series of warm-up stretches, followed by 10 minutes of upper-body exercises, 20 minutes of core work, and 20 minutes of lower-body conditioning.

That’s 60 minutes of thigh-toning ballet moves, glute-strengthening yoga poses, and triceps-tonight weight lifts followed by a cool down. Throughout each interval, you’ll be reminded to focus on controlled, deep breathing.

Nervous about jumping into this new energetic workout? Here are a few tips to get you started:

      • Hot barre is a new trend, so it’s likely not offered at every gym or studio you come across. To find a hot barre class in a studio near you, try narrowing your search to hot yoga studios and inquiring about barre classes at each individual studio.
      • The studio provides props such as Pilates rings, weights, exercise balls and the barre, but you’ll want to remember to bring your yoga mat, a towel, some water to stay hydrated and of course proper footwear with grips.
      • Don’t skip the post-workout cool down and stretching. It’s essential to your muscle recovery—and your ability to walk without wincing the next day. You may even want to consider foam rolling after your first few classes to ease yourself into this vigorous style of mindful exercise.