Our Story

Soul purpose.

Inhale, exhale.

When Toe Talk founder and creator Jan Beresford struggled through a Pilates routine, she looked toward her feet in hopes of accomplishing and maintaining the correct position.

“If my socks could speak to me, what would they say?” she questioned.

Jan turned this proverbial lightbulb moment into action, and created socks with a voice – one that is both motivational and inspirational.

Designed to help you transcend challenges like Jan’s – whether physical, mental, or spiritual – Toe Talk socks are a reminder that through focus, balance can be achieved.

Enhance your practice. Admire beauty. Experience movement with control and comfort. Achieve proper balance, in poses and in life.

Toe Talk socks are a physical foundation for the body, and their mantras lay the groundwork for a soul at peace.

Total consciousness. From the ground up.