Tom’s Determination

Tai Chi

Mindfulness knows no gender. So neither does Toe Talk.

We recently launched our first sock created with men in mind. They are engineered with the same non-slip grips for traction, balance and stability, and feature a low-cut cuff designed specifically to sit atop male ankles.

But this new sock’s name may raise an eyebrow: Tom’s Determination.

Who is Tom?

The answer to that question goes a few years back, when Tom Wittenberg first reached out to Toe Talk founder Jan Beresford about his interest in a sock for men.

Jan was intrigued and valued Tom’s feedback. The correspondence sparked an ongoing pen pal relationship, in which the two would share industry news, opinions on sock designs and even personal news.

As Jan got to know Tom’s story, she was inspired to create a sock as resolute as Tom.

Tom, now 84, is an avid Tai Chi enthusiast and instructor – but his path to Tai Chi was anything but a simple one.

Tom worked for more than 25 years in the publishing industry, with leadership roles at industry powerhouses like Houghton Mifflin and Bobbs-Merrill Educational Publishing.

When he followed his wife to Athens, Georgia to pursue her own career in book publishing at the University of Georgia Press, Tom launched his second career in the local Chamber of Commerce.

Later, he fell in love with Tai Chi – and he followed his hobby to find his third gratifying career.

“At age 65, I began learning the 108 moves of the traditional practice,” Tom says. “Later I became acquainted with a somewhat simpler form known as Tai Chi Easy, which is what I practice now.”

Today, he leads training sessions for fellow seniors – a true testament to what anyone can accomplish at any age when they combine passion with determination.

To learn more about Tom’s Determination socks, click here.